Bologna 2 Agosto 1980

Bologna 020880 offers a reconstruction of the events before the explosion allowing players to learn more about the stories of the victims and the historical context of a turbulent period in Italian history. The player will be able to freely explore the events by interacting with a reconstruction of the map of the Bologna station and observing the various illustrations that represent the people linked to the attack. The visual novel comes with a gallery showing photos of the victims.

This visual novel is conceived, produced and created by I.P.I.D. (Italian Party of Indie Developers), with the support of the Association of the Families of the Victims of the Bologna Station Massacre of 2 August 1980, and illustrated by the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna students.

Developed to commemorate the 40th anniversary, this is one of the jobs I am most proud of, I collaborated on the development as a programmer along with other members of IPID (Italian Party of Indie Developer).

My main task in addition to the set-up of the scenes in Unity was also to improve the UX and the publication on Steam, then I did the mobile port and developed the AR mode.